How is it possible to work with these tools?

First contact us at our contact points given in the brochure!

We will provide a quotation within 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the task, provided we receive a specific proposal request supplemented with a technical drawing (with at least one draft). It is also an option that our mechanical engineers will prepare the technical drawing based on the sample of a work piece that has to be made.

If it is needed, our application technicians are pleased to visit the workshop in order to help in finding the best solution with taking into consideration the local conditions.This is especially recommended before equipping new projects with tools.

After submitting the order, our engineers will design in 3D your BRAVO DIAMOND tool and we will submit to you the design documentation for approval. In this phase it is still possible to introduce modifications. We will start manufacturing the tools after the approval of the design documentation. The time required for manufacturing is 10-15 working days depending on the complexity. In the case of tools of very extreme designs, the production time may require even 6-8 weeks.

In order to prevent the breaking of the tool, in the case of new tools, we recommend that a tool test be carried out with our participation. In this case our application technician will be also present, when the first testing of the tool is started, and he will help in setting the machine appropriately.

If the cutting machine is otherwise in order, and in spite of this, some problems occur during this jointly performed tool test, we shall replace or repair the tool in the framework of our guarantee. Jointly carried out tool testing is free of charge. It is a part of our service. Therefore, it is worthwhile to request it. Our application technician is able to help in respect of many issues. We are able to renew or reproduce the digitised tools quickly and without any problems any time, even in the future. Therefore, you will never have any problems in this regard!

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