Opportunities offered by industrial diamonds

Diamond belongs among the hardest materials known to mankind. The tools made of PCD (polycrystalline diamond), a type of diamond that is very similar to natural diamond, in the case of appropriate composition and geometry, are capable of outstanding performance.

The Bravo Diamond tools are made with the most modern laser technology. The tools produced with this technology have a number of advantages, including their perfect cutting edges, their 2.5x lifetime, the fact that their internal radiuses may be even 15μm, and their surface roughness is practically perfect.

The hardness of diamond is its greatest advantage, however, it is difficult to machine it exactly because of this property. However, nowadays with the appropriate laser technology it is already possible to cut diamond and to perfectly sharpen it, and this technology is already available to you as well. We are the only one, who is specialised in Hungary to preparing PCD tools and to sharpen the cutting edge with laser technology.

Comparing the PCD edge making methods, based on the modes of machining


  • It is possible only with breaking
    out the diamond crystals.
  • It is not possible to grind large
    crystals containing PCD diamonds.
  • Chipbreaker is not possible.
  • The corner radius of the grinding
    disk limits the internal corner radius
    of the PCD.
  • The minimal internal radius that may be achieved with grinding: 200 μm.


  • It is possible only with eroding the
    binding material.
  • It is not possible to machine the
    large-crystal PCD diamonds
    with electric discharge machining.
  • Chipbreaker is not possible.
  • In order to achieve a good quality,
    the cutting process has to be carried out 2-3 times.
  • The minimum internal radius that may be achieved with eroding is: 100 μm.

BRAVO DIAMOND laser machining

  • With perfectly cutting the diamond
    crystal and the binding material.
  • With the aid of this kind of cutting it is possible to cut even the large crystal PCD types.
  • Chipbreaker is possible.
  • Perfect machining, shorter implementation times,
    significantly increased lifetime.
  • The minimal internal corner radius is: 15 μm.

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